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Future of Psychology,
Youth Advocate

Koutarou Muramatsu is a grade 11 student attending Saint Maur international school based in Yokohama, Japan. Attending international school since 2007 (2 years old), Koutarou is fluent in both Japanese and English, giving him access to a global outlook from his vantage point in Japan, and international affairs have long been of interest to him. 

Being exposed to different cultures and an international environment growing up, Koutarou was always fascinated by how peoples’ social background shaped their values, beliefs, and perspectives. Koutarou realized that, by understanding peoples’ differences and what makes them unique, you can learn how to coexist and even thrive in any environment. However, as much as people are different, they have even more in common, suggesting a way forward for world peace and collaboration!

Given his interest in what motivates and shapes peoples’ actions, Koutarou’s favorite academic subject is psychology. However, he is a motivated and passionate student overall and thus chooses to take advanced-level courses with outstanding scores among his peers. 

In his free time, Koutarou is a music aficionado. He is the first chair trombone player in his high school, as well as the only low brass player in his honor jazz combo. Furthermore, being part of the Varsity basketball, tennis and volleyball teams for 3 years, Koutarou nourishes a mind-body-soul philosophy to life, enjoying the teamwork, physical activity and healthy competition of athletics. 

Koutarou plans to attend University of Amsterdam (dream school) to major in psychology and a minor in economics in order to pursue a career in the realm of behavioral economics.

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