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Future of Technology,
Youth Advocate

Udiyansh Yashasvi is a grade 11 student currently studying in Mumbai. With a keen interest in technology and economics, Udiyansh was driven to find a way to impact his community positively. In light of the prevalent issue of cyber crimes, he decided to take action and created a website to raise awareness and educate people on the importance of cybersecurity.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Udiyansh has a passion for sports and nature. He is an avid cricket and basketball player and a certified scuba diver. He is a nature lover. He has taken part in several nature trails and raised funds to plant and maintain 50 trees, which earned him recognition from the local government authorities.

Udiyansh gained valuable experience through an internship at Karza, a company specializing in SaaS (Software-as-a-service) products to assist lending institutions in addressing critical issues of NPAs and loan frauds, utilizing Big Data and machine learning algorithms. He is also involved in writing research papers in the field of economics and contributing to research articles and blogs.

 Udiyansh is actively involved with an organization that empowers rural women to start their own businesses by educating them on the basics of entrepreneurship. He has also achieved great academic success, having placed third in the Global Economics Olympiad and ranking in the 99th percentile in both the International Olympiad of Mathematics and the International Olympiad of the English Language.

Overall, Udiyansh's passion and dedication to making a difference in his community, coupled with his academic and personal achievements, make him a young leader with a bright future ahead.

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