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Having lived in both Japan and the US, Kaho Yamamoto, 16, has grown up in a multicultural setting where she learned to both adapt to and influence new environments. She uses those skills to her advantage, in both educational and social settings. 

Her life has been a constant back and forth between the two countries, moving every few years. From this, she has come to an understanding of the importance of respecting, understanding, and learning from different cultures and perspectives. She views this as something she is constantly learning about to this day, and expects to go further in the future. Additionally, this has led her to place great value on education, with her seeing it as an avenue to gain new insights on the world around her and think of how she would be able to contribute herself.

With this, she seeks to aid in the movement to implement quality education for all. She realizes the importance of quality in education, especially considering her background in various education systems. Education being the  intersection of politics, economics, and community makes it so that all three of these issues need to be tackled for this to become a reality. She is currently developing a youth-led advocacy group Quality Education x Social Impact (QUxSI) to contribute research, diverse voices, and an unbounded approach to solutions to tackle the education crisis in America. What is that crisis? Lack of access to quality education and lack of a common minimum standard that is promoting social inequality and division. In this way, she seeks to get to the root of why specifically these problems exist, while aiding students and teachers through means such as mentorship programs. 

Currently, she resides in the US, where she aids in her local various communities, with the most prominent being her synchronized skating team. In a sport that many consider starting at a young age to be crucial for success, Kaho started at age 14. Though not without setbacks, she has quickly progressed through the various levels and is now on a competition team. She has also come to hold leadership roles within the organization. This quick progression both in skating performance and leadership is one of her proudest accomplishments, and shows her ability to push through where there is passion.

Kaho Yamamoto: Service
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