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Future of Entrepreneurship,
Youth Advocate

Daniil Konovalov is a leader, risk-taker and extremely motivated game-changer. He also goes by Danny, and is looking to achieve his best through entrepreneurship and investing. 

Growing up, Danny’s role-models were his parents. They are entrepreneurs and ,while bringing him up, they taught him their lifestyle. Then he developed his adherence to principles, such as “never cheat on yourself”, and started following them. But one phrase from his childhood he’ll never forget is “If there is no wind, then grab the oars”. He learned from this quote that there’s nothing impossible and all he needs to do is to put effort. He realized that he can change the whole world. 

Danny is very responsible when it comes to his Academics and Extracurricular activities. In 2022 he managed to reach his goal - to get into one of the top Russian schools. Now he studies there and has a perfect GPA - 5.0. He started his entrepreneurship career at 15 by creating his own photo agency and is currently working on a new start-up - an online shop of clothes designed by AI. Additionally, he invests in the stock market and has a 20% profit in half a year. He also likes to take part in business case competitions, and was in the final of PWC 2022 Case Championship. Looking for working experience, he had an internship in a top-5 Russian bank. 

Entering a top US university is Danny’s dream. There, he hopes to interact with the international community and get knowledge to make everything he thought come true. After that, his goal is to build a trillion dollar company.

Daniil Konovalov: Service
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